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Welcome To #IRC-Friends Homepage.

Welcome to #IRC-Friends International english world IRC chat channel in DalNet Network.

  This is the international english #IRC-Friends channel homepage.
  I create this site to support #IRC-Friends world IRC Chat channel. I just have this channel in many other little networks at many years ago and now I move the channel #IRC-Friends to the bigger and most popular world IRC DalNet network for ever.

  This IRC chat channel and homepage are made like the name say to do this channel #IRC-Friends a place to all good and friendly people around the world to talk about everthing in english language and make good and new friends around the world.

  I will add here in this site our friends photo gallery and all friends profiles to friends know other friends better.

  I add here in this WEB page in link Contents I will add documents, my Tips, Channel news, tecnology, Internet, Poems, Jokes, Guess, World cookings, E-Books, Music, Movies, Cinema, etc sended by friends via E-Mail to me AmigaUFO.

  You can join to us now in this IRC channel via our new WWW Chat using your browser only. And now no need to install the JAVA plugin or any IRC client. Click here in this Blue link and talk with us in the new browser window when the new window open and end the login in Dalnet network. #IRC-Friends.
  Join to us in this IRC chat channel, and make good and new friends in our #IRC-Friends, channel, invite your friends too, talk in the channel about everthing you like, play my online IRC games in the channel, join and registry your nick in IRC-Friends Forum, listen our IRC-Freinds Online Radio, and share files with friends there. Help me to make this channel the #IRC-Friends the best international english channel when friends around all countrys on this planet can talk and made great friends for ever. I need help from all.

  If you have one IRC Client installed in your computer, to join in DalNet network and direct into #IRC-Friends channel just type this command in mIRC window: /server -m irc.dal.net:6667/IRC-Friends press the Return key and wait until you join in the #IRC-Friends channel. The main DalNet network server is the irc.dal.net in Port: 6667. If you have the mIRC installed click here. If you don´t have the mIRC installed in your computer download mIRC from here. If you need more other informations about our international #IRC-Friends world english channel or more help, contact me via E-Mail, click here and add your doubts to me Star-Man and i have all pleasure to help you always.
  You can join to the #IRC-Friends channel using our JAVA WebChat. Click here in this link to join us via our JAVA Chat, and in JAVA request window click over NO.

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