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This Are My Tips.
  This is the page with my Tips. Here you can find all my tips from the best IBM-PC compatible computers aplications, etc and some good advices.

This is the high precision free speedmeter to you test your Internet connection speed. Click over this picture and you can do a Download and upload test Internet connection speed.

  Friends ATTENTION:
  Friends caution in the network don´t enter in any site given to you in any private query, because are sites infected with Virus, Worms, Backdoors, etc. Don´t download or accept any files with this extesions .EXE, .COM, PIF, .SYS, .XLS, .DOC, etc because this files can be infected with virus.
  Don´t copy and paste any strange line to any channel, because if you do it you will infect your mIRC, IRC client.

  Security In IRC Network
  When you connect to Internet use always a good Firewall, a good Anti-Vírus, a good Anti-Spyware, and use Browsers, E-Mail client, etc freeware software.
  Never connect to the Internet if you don´t have any of this basic protections. If somebody use your computer to attack or invade other computers or networks you will be responsable for that also.

  Spyware & Trojans
  Along with every virus spread in all Internet, there is anothers programs that are useful for malicius activities. This programs can steal lots of personal information like, passwords, location etc that can be used by persons with bad intencion. This programs also can allow to others persons to use your computer without your knowledge.
  Below, we introduce you two good Anti-Spyware program also Freeware, the Comodo BOClean : Anti-Malware, Spyware Terminator and Ad-Aware SE Personal.
Comodo BOClean : Anti-Malware Homepage
Spyware Terminator Homepage
Ad-Aware SE Personal Homepage
SpyBOT Homepage

  Comodo - Anti-Virus
  Every days are relesed in internet new and more dangerous informatic virus. Worms and Trojans, Many of this virus multiply and infect others via E-Mail, by WWW sites and make very bad use of the bugs, holes security fails in Windows Operating System, then is very important to have installed in your computer a good Anti-Virus aplication and update this Anti-Virus every day to protect your computer. You can use the Comodo Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware, is one of the best avaliable to Windows Operating System and is Freeware.
Comodo AntiVirus Homepage
AVAST! Homepage
AVG Homepage
Free AVG Homepage

  mIRC - IRC Cliente
  mIRC is the best IRC cliente for Windows is Shareware, is a good IRC cliente that is well equipped with many usefull options, tools, support many diferent languages, colors, sounds, smilys and Scripts.
mIRC Homepage

  Mozilla FireFox - WWW Browser
  Friends use the best WWW Browser avaliable online the Mozilla FireFox is Freeware, very safe, very faster to download sites in slow CPUs with computers with low hardware specifications too, is high and very easy configuration include the GUI, Graphic User Interface buttons, etc to every users personal preferences, with many Themes, etc avaliable support PlugIns also, have a great Popups, Banners protection, request a low hard disk free avaliable space, and have english from England and USA languages versions avaliable too.
FireFox Homepage

  IncrediMail - E-Mail Cliente
  The best E-Mail cliente is the IncrediMail is Freeware too, very safe, very easy to config, many options avaliable, support multimedia files like, music, animations, video, pictures, photos inside the E-Mails messenges and support many world languages.
IncrediMail Homepage

  Miranda IM - Multi Cliente Instant Messenger
  The best IM - Instant Messenger is the Miranda IM - Instant Messenger is Freeware also, this one support the ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Netsend, etc, IM services, support many Skins, PlugIns and many diferent world catalogs languages.
Miranda IM Homepage

  TeamSpeak 2 - VOIP Cliente And Server
  The TeamSpeak 2 is the best VOIP - Voice Over IP, this aplication allow you to speaks by voice with your friends via Internet like a normal phone call and for free. To use this aplication you will need a microphone and speakers installed in your computer and then you can talk via voice with every friends around the world.
TeamSpeak 2 Homepage

  VNC - Virtual Network Computing
  The VNC is the best Client and Server to control remote computers via Internet. With this aplication you can help or you can have help by a online friend, and can access your computer or you can access his computer also.
VNC Homepage

  Emule - P2P Client and Server
  The Emule is one of the best P2P - Peer To Peer Client and Server, this aplication allow you to share all kind of files and archives over computer to computer via Internet, with this aplication you can download and upload files and archives with friends arround the world.
Emule Homepage
Emule BowlFish Homepage

  Turn off your Windows Firewall because her don´t protect you and use a good and free Firewall the Comodo Firewall Pro the best i best one here. If you use P2P - Peer To Peer aplications to download and share your files and archives, I addvice you to use the PeerGuardian is a P2P Firewall, is Freeware and protect you computer Ports and HTTP connections against Ports and HTTP Internet attacks.
Comodo Free Firewall Homepage
PeerGuardian Homepage

  Adobe Reader - PDF E-Books View
  The best text, documents and PDF format files E-BOOKs view is the Adobe Reader. This document, texts view support many diferent rendering fonts, graphics, pictures, photos, Internet URLs links inside the electronic books - E-BOOKs, and is avaliable in many diferent world languages too.
Adobe Reader Homepage

  WinAMP PRO - Audio And Rádio Player
  The best audio, radio player is the WinAMP PRO is Shareware, support many diferent audio, streaming and video files formats and the registry version can convert CDDA - Audio Disks to MP3 file format also, and support Skins, PlugIns, audio e video Codecs and world languages catalogs.
WinAMP Homepage

  BSPlayer PRO - Video, Multimedia Player
  The best video player is the BSPlayer PRO is Shareware, support many diferent video, audio streaming files formats, support Skins, PlugIns, video and audio Codecs, can play many video formats like: MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, DIVX, XVID, VCD, MKV, ASX, OGM, WMV, VOB, etc and support many world languages catalogs too.
BSPlayer Homepage

  WinRAR - Files And Archives Depack / Packer
  O WinRAR is the best files and archives Depack / Packer, and can depack many diferent archives formats, included the arquives packed in others operating system platforms like AmigaOS, Linux, MacOS, etc packed archives formats like: .LHA, .TAR, .GZ, etc.
WinRAR Homepage

  Banners & Wallpapers
  We have sonner to download good Banners and Wallpapers about this #IRC-Friends world IRC english channel.
  Then you will find our Banners here, and our Wallpapers here to download.

#IRC-Friends Channel Homepage
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